another oldie  : )

A Lost Girl’s Guide to finding the Perfect Indian Man

Here is a state by state analysis:

Punjabis: stay away! These guys only want three things: honies, more honies and hennessy. Not your average fidelity man.

Rajasthanis: where do I even begin. These guys should be crowned princes and be adorned with naked dancing women and diamonds all day.

Kashmiris: these guys have something called a snarky attitude

Gujaratis: sweet but slightly cunning

Biharis: quite simple and dependable actually

Bengalis: your average nice guy but slightly self-absorbed, especially the artsy-fartsies

UP’s: a bit hokey dokey

Southies: GOLD. You’ve hit Gold. Go for a nice south Indian man. Sweet, attentive and humble. What more can you ask for.