You know the funny thing about chess is that people take it a bit too seriously. I mean it's great for your brain and all and it teaches you strategy and you can really become a brilliant warrior by playing it, but the problem is that in relationship, we really should be connecting with each other from the Heart. Relationships with our loved ones and friends should be created from the heart, from the soul, from love, affection and authenticity. Relationships should not be either created or treated like a game of chess.

I personally have always tried to forge my relationships (or dissolve them) from the Heart. This is something that comes to me so easily, so naturally and this is why I've experienced so much disappointment in my life by the outside world, by 'love.' The funny thing is those that Love from the Heart aren't weak. They are incredibly strong. They are Strength Personified.

No need to underestimate those who live from Love and Strength. Because trust me, they know in the end how to play chess. They are masters of Shatranj. They can beat those who want to play with them any day. But only if they are invited to.

Because on their own, they will never choose to.

Good eve.