I really love being "difficult." No really I do, it's my pleasure. I have absolutely no problem being a "thorn" in people's sides and being a voice of fairness and truth and humanity for myself and others. I am getting tired of being treated like a second and third class citizen because of my sex, my culture and my looks. I have absolutely NO problem patiently waiting for Justice to occur by taking the High Road. I live my life and I create what I want but the balance is always balancing in the background. Don't ever think that just because I'm not constantly looking that you're out of the hell you caught yourself in. Someone is always looking out for me; an Angel is always looking out for me.

Beware my friends, I wear a garland of thorns around my neck. For those who fear, it is disaster; for those who Love and have God's Eyes in their own have nothing but Petals surrounding them.

~ Peace ~