People don't really know me (well I mean, why would they wanna get to know me in the first place, I wear unattractive panties remember). They don't know that I just want to lead a simple life some days (in private). I like waking up at noon, taking a shit and taking my time doing it, making a cup of coffee and perusing the newspaper or envisioning something while I'm waiting for the coffee to brew (well actually I kinda like to get my coffee started right when I wake up and then brush my teeth and take a shit while the coffee is brewing because it makes me feel like I've got the day going. Sometimes the coffee gets cold by the time I'm done with my activities in the bathroom, but that's ok I just reheat the coffee on the stove). And then I just kind of wander about..read random things, get lost in a book or a thought, talk to my sister or a friend on the phone for an hour, take another shit, and then eat a big lunch or meal, check my email and do some stuff on the computer and hang out some more.....maybe watch a movie, go out to dinner, hang with friends or mom and dad or perform a gig or whatever. Then maybe watch more movies or think or write or til 4 am and then go to bed.

This is of course a typical Saturday on those Saturdays that I don't have much planned.

I love just tooootally chilling and going with the flow and listening to the rhythms of my body and just Being. I think we all forget sometimes that we are animals. You have to turn your mind off and be one with nature and the rhythms of life. Sometimes you just need to stare off into space and breathe and fart and eat and drink and sleep and just be an animal. We have to eat and move our bowels and communicate in our own ways and wander and roam and graze about. Our silly and effed up society thinks this is unproductive but this is actually very productive. It's important to get in tune with your bodies and your animal psyches. It's important to just Be and let life integrate the different pieces of you during down time.

Wow what an entry today. Sorry it might not be too interesting but I'm in chill animal relaxin mode today.