I really don't understand how the human mind works (in modern times). It's very confusing and the one really annoying thing about dealing with it is that in society some people think you're a HUGE deal.....like I'm some sort of big deal....and obviously that's because some guys like me but whatever....they think 'oh she does this and that and so on so she's intimidating or something' (and I'm actually poor) but then other people think I'm a total piece of shit.......like I'm just an ant. You notice ants when they're in your way, shoo them away and don't give a crap about the ant's feelings/nature/dreams/existence, etc. I don't understand why it works like this and I only get angrier and angrier. And angrier. So I feel stressed out and need my alone time and don't want to interact with all this anymore. This is nonsense.