old post, current sentiment: don't you just love me :)

Dear Universe,

Please send me a lovely businessman as my future lover/husband to be. He does not have to wear suits and wonderful cologne all the time and I don't mind if he wears a wife-beater. I only wish that he listens and encourages and supports and guides me firmly yet compassionately to make good life and business choices and I will do the same for him. I hope he thinks my business is not just mine but ours. I also hope that he will be comfortable with my success cause I sure as hell will be comfortable with his (as it is most likely that he will be/come a great business tycoon. yea baby.) I would like to merge into an efficient, harmonious and comfortable creative relationship with this person and hopefully he is sexy. We will make sure to keep business out of the bedroom.

I will try to be accommodating. If he is into sports, I will try to develop some knowledge and liking of sports (ok to be honest, not sure I can do this). As much as I dislike going to baseball games, I will go once in a while if we get lots of nachos and I don't have to cheer. Can you wear stilettos at baseball games?

I do not expect lots of gifts (or even words now can you believe it), however I would appreciate his presence and undivided attention towards me and our life. My primary love language is words (I think). I will accept his love language whatever it is.