I'm sitting in the kids section again. The thought of sitting under the grey lights staring at a computer in the adult section of the library was SO not inviting so I walked over to the kids computers. At least there's noise and colors and happiness here. The Jewish kids are very focused. Well all the kids are very focused. I need more coffee.

Every human being needs something to look forward to and it has to be something soulful and fulfilling and positive and makes you happy. Like you shouldn't look forward to like killing someone that is not what I'm talking about (gotta always put in these side comments in for the crazies.. some people's children are scary). So what I've decided is that I'm going to take a couple weeks "off" in December and I'm going to hibernate and drink lots of coffee and nap and basically read books all day. I just wanna read my heart out. I miss those summers when I was young where me and Preeti would sink our hearts into books at the library to complete our summer program reading lists (if you didn't finish your list, you didn't get any stickers or prizes!!!!!! no!!!!!!!! so I HAD to finish my books). One must fulfill his or her heart as desired.

Feel free to join me for some snoogie this winter :]