Do you ever have those moments when there's so much energy coursing through your body that it arduously pulls and tugs at your emotions.....it feels so visceral....you feel like whimpering like a child (or you do) and you just wanna push people and throw a tantrum. You feel this pulling and squeezing and tightening and then an opening and a moment of relief and then it starts all over again. You go through a thousand of these cycles throughout the day and wonder when they're ever gonna end. You try and get away from the thoughts that are causing this (and the people in those thoughts) but you can't because if you don't it feels like you won't be on course. It's like you have to sit through it and wait for it to pass because you know that that's wiser even though it feels like UGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH. There are swords and fires and sparks and concrete bricks and soil and intense quandary coursing through your body. AAAHHHHHHHHH.